Nation’s Capital DeMolay Goes International, Meets the Supreme Worthy Advisor and DeMolay Honorees

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So How International is DeMolay International?  “Dad” Brusoe is kind of tired when it comes to writing blog posts (and needs to catch a taxi at 4AM to get the guys to the airport) so we’ll give you some pictures and some captions of what’s going on and who we’re meeting with.

This above picture is Mike and Chad with the Delegate from Romania

This is DeMolay Italy, and their Executive Officer of the Year, Luciano Critelli. Many Congratulations!

Chad and MIke with the National Grand Master of DeMolay Brazil.

Chad with Andrew Roberts the 40th State Master Councilor of the Great State of New York. Mike and Mike Hernandez the Deputy State Master Councilor of New York. (and from “Dad” Brusoe’s home chapter!)

  This is Chad and Mike with Chris Benedetti of DeMolay International.

Chad with Ryan (44th ICS) and Michael Benedetti (44th IMC) and Mike.
The Guys with the Supreme Worthy Advisor (acting)

Doug Maxwell the head of Shriners Hospital International with our guys

The Guys with Mayor Lappert, one of our Honorees for the Hall of Fame and Current Mayor Of Dallas, TX