Cross of Honor Holders

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The Cross of Honor denotes three or more years of conspicuous meritorious service to a Chapter or jurisdiction, and exceptionally outstanding efforts on behalf of DeMolay.  Recommendations are made by the Advisory Council to the Executive Officer, who nominates individuals for this honor. Below is a partial list of those so honored in Washington, DC:


Robert F. Drechsler (1961)
Richard Lincoln Lester, III (1979)
Samuel W. Freed (Pre-1980)
Ralph W. Miller (Pre-1980)
George R. Asay, Sr. (Pre-1980)
Omer W. Clark (Pre-1980)
Robert S. Alt (Pre-1980)
Jerold J. Samet, PGM (Pre-1980)
Walter Franklin Simon (Pre-1980)
Harry Simon (Pre-1980)
Ray Nelson  (Pre-1980)
Todd C. Duehring (Pre-1980)
Earl Dean Carlile (1980)
James Edward Duck (1984)
Michael L. Samet (Dixon)  (1990)
James M. McDonald (1990)
L. Richard Craft, II (1990)
Bev Thomas McKay (1990)
Gary S. Davis (1991)
Shawn Hunter Staples (1991)
David Earl Baer, Sr (1991)
Ward L. Ginn, Jr (1993)
Kurt James Hamrock (1996)
Donald L. Mallorey (1996)
Margaret Samet (1996)
Phillip T. Williams (1996)
Anthony Scott (1996)
Elizabeth Anne Moore (1996)
Jeffrey Michael Revis (2000)
Alan L Gordon (2007)
Frances Pate   (2009)