Distingushed Service Awards from Nation’s Capital DeMolay

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DeMolay International established the Distinguished Service Award in the fall of 1959.dsa1

The purpose of the award is to recognize one DeMolay in each jurisdiction for outstanding service to others, in his home, school, church, Chapter, community and country The Chapter’s Advisory Council members select one or more members of the Chapter whom they believe worthy of this recognition. Adult leaders in the community then are asked to evaluate the nominee’s performance in various areas. When all of the endorser’s recommendations have been returned to the Chapter, the Advisory Council selects one Chapter member as its nominee for the Distinguished Service Award and sends the nomination to the Executive Officer. The Executive Officer also has the privilege of making a personal nomination.  Below is a Partial list of those who have been so honored by Nation’s Capital DeMolay.
Matthew McKay (1990)
Tommy Russo (1991)
Samir Vig (2008)
Sriram Raja (2009)
Mike Xie (2011)