Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DeMolay?

DeMolay is a community-based international organization for young men ages 12-21 which emphasizes leadership skills and character-building within a program of social, sports, and community service activities using experimental programming.

What is the purpose of DeMolay?

The DeMolay program is based on timeless principles and practical, “hands on” experience. Members develop civic awareness through community service projects, personal responsibility by planning and executing their own activities, and gain self-confidence through leadership and public speaking.

Where did DeMolay start?

DeMolay was founded in 1919 in Kansas City, Missouri by Frank S. Land. Since its inception, DeMolay has spread to 9 foreign countries and all fifty states and the District of Columbia (obviously!)

What activities are offered in the DeMolay program?

Community service projects, sports, social functions and fundraising events. Rather than focusing on any one type of activity, DeMolay members are encouraged to test their interests in a varied program of events.

Who can become a member of DeMolay?

DeMolay is open to any young man between the ages of 12 and 21 who professes a belief in a deity and strives to be of good character.

Is DeMolay a religious organization?

No. DeMolay teaches that one of the steps toward becoming a happy and successful person is developing a strong faith and being true to it. Just as important, DeMolay teaches respect and toleration for the beliefs of others. DeMolay does not teach a specific religion and does not require belonging to a church. Membership is open for young men from all religions.

Success stories?

Thousands of DeMolays have assumed leadership roles in business, politics, military service, sport and the arts and entertainment industries. DeMolay Alumni include Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, John Wayne, Tom Osborne, Mel Carnahan, John Steinbeck, Buddy Ebsen, Colonel Frank Borman, Harmon Killebrew, Bob Mathias, Fran Tarkenton and Paul Harvey just to name a few.

What are the benefits of membership?

The main benefit of membership in DeMolay is growing up engaged. Studies show that people who are active in the community in their youth grow up to become involved and community-oriented adults. Members of DeMolay learn personal responsibility, management skills, public speaking skills, and civic responsibility, making them better employees, stronger leaders, and more responsible citizens.

How much does it cost to join?

The fee varies from chapter to chapter. In the District of Columbia the fee is under $40.00

How do I apply?

You must complete an Application (Petition) for Membership. Then return it to the Chapter at the mailing address shown below.

Will DeMolay conflict with my other activities?

DeMolays are encouraged to place family, education, and religious observances before attendance at our meetings. Our teachings and activities will in no way conflict with your other commitments There are no required activities associated with your membership in DeMolay.

Are there any famous DeMolays?

There are many Senior DeMolay members who have distinguished themselves as leaders in Government, Athletics and Sports, Entertainment and a variety of other fields. Many have been named to the DeMolay Hall of Fame. (For more information, visit:

Carl O. Albert, Speaker, House of Representatives

Robert B. Anderson, Secretary of the Treasury, U.S. Navy

Reubin Askew, Governor, Florida

William “Bill” Bradley, U.S. Senator, New Jersey

Carrol Campbell, Governor, South Carolina

Mark Hatfield, Governor and U.S. Senator, Oregon

Henry (Scoop) Jackson, U.S. Senator, Washington

Charles Robb, U.S. Senator, Virginia

Paul E. Tsongas, U.S. Senator, Massachusetts

Alvin Dark, Baseball player and Manager

Dallas Green, Baseball Manager

Harmon Killebrew, Baseball Hall of Fame member

Bob Mathias, Olympic Decathalon Champion (twice)

Fran Tarkington, Football Hall of Fame member

Danny White, Football Quarterback

Mel Blanc, Comic and voice of Bugs Bunny

Ernest Borgnine, Actor

Roy Clark, Musician/Guitar Player

Gary Collins, Actor and TV Personality

Walt Disney, Producer and Creator

Buddy Ebsen, Actor (Barnaby Jones/Beverly Hillbillies)

Greg Evigan, Actor (My Two Dads)

Burl Ives, Singer and Actor

Van Johnson, Actor

Tom & Dick Smothers (Smothers Brothers), Entertainers

John Wayne, Actor

Neil Armstrong, Astronaut

Frank Borman, Astronaut

Red Barber, Sportscaster

Walter Cronkite, TV Newscaster

David Goodnow, CNN Newscaster

Paul Harvey, Radio Newscaster

Chet Huntley, TV Newscaster

Elmer Lower, President, ABC News

Dan Rather, TV Newscaster

Willard Scott, TV Weatherman

John Steinbeck, Author

John Cameron Swayze, TV/Radio pioneer

John P. McConnell, General, USAF Chief of Staff

Is DeMolay a secret organization?

DeMolay does have its particular signs and words which are not supposed to be shared with anyone who is not a DeMolay. Our organization, however, is far from secret, and we have many public ceremonies.

I heard that I have to have a mason in my family, is that true?

No, not at all. Many of our members have no Masons in their families and DeMolay is in no way considered a “Junior Masons” organization. We require no Masonic connection for membership in our Order.

Who are the Masons?

The Masons are a community service group that help out on Child ID, community service projects, cleaning up our community and other events.

Where can I find more information?

You can visit DeMolay International or send us an email at