How To Become A DeMolay Advisor

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What do DeMolay Advisors do? DeMolay advisors enable young men to be successful  by working with them to plan, promote and organize activities and events that the young men want to do.  They model positive behavior, provide advice and counsel.

Who May Serve as a DeMolay Advisor? To be eligible to serve as a DeMolay advisor  you have to be a man or woman over 21 years of age. Advisors apply to the Nation’s Capital DeMolay  Executive Officer to serve. Following a  background check and a training session qualified adults may become an advisor.  While  many of our advisors are Masons you do not need to be a Mason or a relative of a Mason  to serve.

How much time does it take to be a DeMolay Advisor? A few hours a year to a few hours of a week depending on what type of work that you want to do with DeMolay.  Some adult volunteers are event specific, they may show up once a year to judge a ritual  tournament, referee a football game, or help to transport young men to their annual
convention.  Other adult volunteers spend more time working with the young men to plan  and implement their projects.  If you have some time to give us and want to make a positive impact on young men we will find a way to use you.

What are some types of advisors? Each advisory council is different. Generally  speaking you have a chapter advisor who works with the elected leadership, you have athletic advisors, website advisors, communication advisors, Masonic Relations advisor, public relations advisors, transportation advisors, paperwork advisors, merit bar advisors, and even scholarship advisors.

What is the process for becoming a DeMolay advisor?  Please contact Nation’s Capital DeMolay at and we will send you an adult worker profile and set up a chance to meet with you to talk about how best to use your time and energy. After successfully completing the application we will train you as an advisor.

Where does DeMolay meet? Currently Tenleytown-Chevy Chase Chapter meets at  Singleton Lodge Hall.  We are looking at reestablishing Robert LeBruce Chapter and  then expanding outward in the District of Columbia.  Our young men do activities all  across the DC Metro area.

To print an Adult Worker Application (AWA): 2015 AWA