How to Start a DeMolay Chapter

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Who may Sponsor a DeMolay Chapter? Any group that is composed of entirely Master Masons may sponsor a DeMolay Chapter.  A Blue Lodge, A RAM Chapter, A  Scottish Rite Body, A National Sojourners Chapter, The Shrine, A Shrine Unit, a Knights  of St. Andrew Chapter, A High Twelve Club,  a Council of Royal and Select Masters, a  Commandry Unit, or a Square Club could become a “Sponsoring Body”   Other community organizations after interviewing with the Executive Officer may also sponsor a DeMolay Body.


What does a group need to do? A group must meet with the Executive Officer in Washington, DC or his representative and talk about the process.  At a minimum we  require that you have three adult volunteers (one of whom MUST be a Master Mason) and an initial class of five members. The group will also need to find and provide space  for the chapter to meet.


What are the costs involved? To sponsor a DeMolay Chapter costs $250.00  Some  Sponsoring Bodies do only this and provide no other monetary assistance. Other Sponsoring Bodies are extremely generous often underwriting everything that the young men do.  The level of support that your lodge gives the chapter depends on financial resources of your lodge and the needs of the young men. As a reminder DeMolay is a  501(C)3 charity and any donation given to it is deductible. We do encourage you to talk to your tax professional.


Are DeMolay Chapters allowed to meet in Masonic Buildings? Yes!  Per miscellaneous decisions number 27.  (Proceedings of 1948, Page 17) While DeMolay may and historically has met in Masonic Buildings in consultation with the Executive Officer DeMolay Chapter may meet elsewhere.


Does the Lodge Have to Provide Insurance?  No. DeMolay has its own insurance to  cover our young men, their guests and their activities. If your lodge building needs a copy of our insurance cover please let us know.


When Can DeMolay Meet? DeMolay meets when the members would like to.  Some  DeMolay Chapter meet on Sunday Afternoons, others during the week.  Nation’s Capital DeMolay encourages chapters to be respectful of members’ school needs, religious needs, and family needs.