National Capital Chevalier Court

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chevsGrand Commander Eric Palmer, Nation’s Capital DeMolay
Commander in the West Rev. Kenneth D. Fuller, Connecticut DeMolay
Commander in the South Edgar Concepcion, Florida DeMolay
Secretary-Treasurer Mark Wright, Oklahoma DeMolay
Grand Marshal Peter Brusoe, New York DeMolay
Grand Sword Bearer Bryan M. Lee, Nation’s Capital DeMolay

Every organization has members who have done outstanding service on behalf of it and are recognized for their outstanding service with some unique honor. In the Boy Scouts of America it is the “Order of the Arrow,” in the Scottish Rite it is the 33rd Degree, in academics it is Phi Beta Kappa.
Within the Order of DeMolay it is the “Degree of Chevalier.” The degree of Chevalier is the highest honor given out for DeMolay service within the gift of DeMolay International. These Chevaliers are grouped together in “courts” for a set geographic area. The Nation’s Capital Court welcomes all Chevaliers who live, work, or study in the greater DC Metro Area.