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Nation’s Capital DeMolay Scholarship:

Nation’s Capital DeMolay currently offers 2 $500 scholarships to graduating High School Seniors and Active DeMolays currently enrolled in college. For the purpose of this scholarship a DeMolay is considered active the year he turns majority. I.e. a young man turning 21 on February 15th is still eligible.

William F. Reyers, Sr. Book Scholarship

When “Dad” Joshua Reyers Brusoe was honored by the Supreme Council with the Degree of Chevalier he and “Dad” Peter William Brusoe decided to honor their maternal grandfather with the scholarship in his name. This scholarship is for $100 for text books for a DeMolay in a Region II state/federal territory/province. (Yes, Ontario counts)  It uses the same form as the Nation’s Capital DeMolay Scholarship form. A DeMolay from Nation’s Capital needs only fill out a form once.

DeMolay Foundation Scholarships:

The DeMolay Foundation Offers a number of different scholarships including the Frank Sherman Land Scholarship, The Grotto Scholarship (For Dentistry), or the York Rite Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Scholarship.

Masonic Foundation of the District of Columbia  Scholarships

The Masonic Foundation of the District of Columbia funds a number of scholarships for High School Seniors in Washington, DC. You will want to ask your High School Guidance Counselor about them.  There are also several scholarships funded by the Masonic Foundation to American University.

Scottish Rite Scholarships

The Scottish Rite offers a number of scholarships that they administer or GWU administers.

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation Resources:

The PA Masonic Youth Foundation have put together an outstanding resource guide for scholarships. It’s so good that we can’t duplicate it. So we’re directing you to this site:

DeMolay Scholarship Application